Welcome to H2O Tackle!

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Makers of quality fishing lures geared toward muskies and pike.

Innovative Designs – Quality Construction – Affordable Prices

At H2O Tackleā„¢ we strive to make innovative, high quality fishing lures packed with a lot of different fish catching action.

Our plastic lures are solid plastic with through-wire construction. Our high quality wooden lures are epoxy sealed and primed before they are painted to seal up the wood. All components used are made in the United States and are of the highest quality, such as extra strong split rings and Eagle Claw 774 hooks. Every H2O Tackle fishing lure is finished with multiple coats of high quality epoxy thus making the finish on our baits the toughest found anywhere.

All lures are constructed as if they are going in our tackle box and are ready for the next world record fish. We invite you to use the menu to fish out more details about our high quality fishing lures.