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The H2O Bucktail features the Switch Clevis®, the only clevis in the world that auto counter rotates. It rotates one revolution clockwise and then switches to rotate one revolution counter-clockwise – an action that the fish have NEVER seen!

The H2O Bucktail comes in two styles. The Angle Single Tail comes with three blades, two mounted on the Switch Clevis and a third mounted on the angle. All three blades can easily be changed. The Jointed Single Tail comes with two blades, both mounted on the Switch Clevis. See the Jointed Single Tail by clicking here.

Using a small screwdriver, you can easily switch the blades. Run with one blade or two, blades of the same size/type or different sizes/types. The only requirements are that you use thin blades and at least one high-lift blade must be on the long arm side of the clevis. When using different sizes of blades, the larger one needs to be on the long arm side of the clevis.

Examples of high lift blades are Colorado, Magnum Indiana, Olympic (also known as Lakeland’s Magnum Willow and Turtleback). For the blades that come in different thicknesses, you need use the thinner blades. Blades should not be dimpled or fluted because that takes away the lift.

To change the blades: Use a small screwdriver and insert it in the indentation between the wire and the clevis and twist to pop the wire out of the notch. Remove and replace the blade(s). Push the wire back down under the notch (might need to push or pull the blades a little to line the wire up with the holes).

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