H2O Ripper



Color Availability

(X means the color is available in that size)

6.5″ 7.5″ 8.5″
Black X X X
Black & Gold Holo X X
Black & Silver Holo X X X
Black Sucker X X
Brown Sucker X X X
Copperhead X X
Darkeye X X X
Darkeye Holo X X
Fire Perch X
Fire Perch Holo X X
Golden Shiner X
Jo Perch X X
Jo Perch Holo X X
Lighteye X
Lighteye Holo X X
Rusty X X
The Natural X X
White Lightning X X X


ACTION:  Dive and rise
DEPTH:  6.5″ – 2 to 5 feet; 7.5″ – 3 to 6 feet; 8.5″ – 4 to 8 feet

Soft, short taps/pulls make the H2O Ripper™ dive straight down.  Pull or tap a little harder, it will go down and to one side.  On the next pull, it goes to the other side….kind of a drunken walk the dog action.  It does not take much to work this bait.  If you crank it back, it wobbles like a crankbait side to side.  If you stop, it will rise slowly.

See it in Action


Rugged Bait Construction

  • 2 coats of thinned epoxy that soaks into and seals the wood
  • 1 coat of primer
  • Molded eyes
  • Lexan lip
  • Wolverine stainless triple split rings
  • Eagle Claw 774 hooks
  • Stainless steel screw eyes 1 to 1 1/2″ long (which are glued in)
  • Small Rippers – .072 diameter
  • Medium & Large – .092 diameter
  • Multiple coats of Epoxy

Approximate Length/Weight and Cost

Small 6.5″ 2.6 ounces $16.00
Medium 7.5″ 4.2 ounces $18.00
Large 8.5″ 5.2 ounces $20.00