10″ Cranky Nitro Shallow

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ACTION: Rises quickly.  Has a lot of tail kick and top of bait wobble.
DEPTH: Just below the surface. Runs down to a foot as weight is added.
FEATURE: Rotated belly hook hanger for better hooking and less hook rash.  Two weight inserts (1 near the front and 1 at the balance point).  Adding weight adjusts the hang time and the depth the bait will run at. Weights are sold separately. See the Weight Sets page. 

See it in Action

Rugged Bait Construction

  • 2″ long stainless-steel screw eyes
  • Sealed with 2 coats of thinned epoxy
  • Two coats of primer
  • Molded eyes
  • Lexan lip
  • Wolverine stainless triple split rings
  • Eagle Claw 774 hooks
  • Multiple coats of epoxy
  • Length: 10″
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces

Price: $30.00